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4 Corners Podcast with Lenny Marcus

May 31, 2020

Writer/teacher/comedian Joe Schiappa joins Lenny and Neil on the 4Cpodcast to discuss these 4C's: Joes eclectic career, Improv, Predict the Future, and we play This that and the Other Thing.

May 24, 2020

Writer/Producer Ed Thomas and his cool accent join Lenny and Neil on the 4CPodcast to discuss these 4C's: Ed's journey from England and the BBC to American TV, Writing for television, News Rundown, and we play This That or the Other Thing. 

May 17, 2020

Comedian extraordinaire Ted Alexandro stops by the 4CPodcast to talk to Lenny and Neil about these 4C's: Ted's new NY Times praised special,  New Fatherhood, News Rundown and we play corona inspired Scruples. 

May 10, 2020

The guest cancels late on Lenny and Neil so Bethel Caram sits in on the 4CPodcast, and discusses these 4C's: Quarantine Updates, News Rundown, Toilet Paper, and we play a new game called How Much Money. 

May 3, 2020

Friend and news writer Phil Ellison joins Lenny and Neil on the 4CPodcast to discuss Phil's 4C's: Phil and Lenny's O'Side middle school years, Writing the News, NFL Draft Round up, and we do an NFL Draft Quiz.